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middle school girl writing in notebook with cat watching

Hi there illustration lovers!

Here is my new Shopify store to bring my art originals to your walls! Until now, after completing an illustration contract, my artwork has lounged around my studio, hiding from the world. Over 30 years of professional illustration, over 100 picture books, children's novels, and educational texts will be coming here to this shop, as it becomes available for public access.

I hope that you will be able to find something to inspire you and your children, bring up emotions and memories, enliven your home or office with bright colours or thoughtful images.

If there are images you have seen in books that I have illustrated which you do not see here, please inquire as to their availability.

If you are looking for a particular theme, animal, mood, price point, or size, please consult me for suggestions.

I hope that you will enjoy browsing through my artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it. If you connect with a piece, it would love having a place of honour within your home or business.